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Satisfied Past OB/GYN Patients in Banning, CA

"I absolutely love this Dr and his staff. I came to them in my second trimester after having a horrible experience. The doctor is great at what he does and has never rushed me through, answering every question and concern I have. The staff is very professional and sweet even calling me to reschedule my appointment after I forgot to go. Coming to this office was the best decision i could have made. Thank God I took my friends advice after she recommended him. I not only would return in any future pregnancy but would highly recommend him."
-Samantha S.

"…. I really like this doctor cause he's all about getting the baby out safely then taking care of the mother, the baby is not strong like the mother so the baby comes first I have no problem with that I have had 2 kids both boys and he delivered them both"

"I have the privilege of finding the Doctor that delivered my brother and I over 30 years ago. It was October 19, 1982. Thank You Dr Jeung Choo Yoo for your excellent care. Without your help I would have died to a premature birth. You kept my mother from inducing too early and performed a cesarean to save my life. I came out backwards and was clinging to my mother's ribs. I'm alive because of Yoo. I have learned that the best gifts in life are those you can't repay. Sorry it took over 30 years to say Thank You Dr. Yoo. We are all happy and healthy because of your help."
-M. Hicks
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